Brooke Styles

‘FREE Wifi, flat screen digital TV, clean & quiet, air conditioned, pool’.

With a two hour stay..all we needed was the pool. We were super stoked to have found this place, it was like stepping back in time to your typical American motel you see in the movies.

Greeted by two elderly gentlemen by the names of John and Ted, we explained we were here to take photos and not for a room. After asking the cleaner for extra permission and some general banter between themselves, they  politely let us use the motel at our own leisure.  Stoke levels peaked when we reached the glistening pool with the funky ass fluorescent lounge chairs surrounding it, it was peerfect.

Our goodbye chat with John and Ted dragged out due a few life lessons and war stories (as chats with the elderly generally go); but it almost encapsulated the general vibe of this vintage motel, friendly and homely.

Thank you Moffat Beach Motel for your hospitality.

More importantly cheers to the legends over at LIVE ROYAL for the T’s, we look forward to working more with your product, yew!

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