Who would have thought that one day it would actually be cool to rock your Mums knitted sweater from the 70's or a 50 cent hat you found at the locals Vinnie's. These days people aren't afraid to look different and stand out amongst the ever so boring fashion trends, and my 50 cent hat goes off to those kind folk. The vintage clothing market has certainly taken off over the past few years and it's epic. Op shopping is the best kind of shopping however a lot of times you won't find anything, it's a gamble! If you live in a trendy area it's more than likely some hipster knows the delivery dates to Vinnie's and buys all the good shit before you can blink a eye. In this case do not fear, the vintage Gods are looking over you. And when I say Gods I mean legends like the Milly and Wolf Vintage team, out scouring the earths op and thrift shops alike purely to benefit our own laziness and lack of commitment to find that one Tommy Hilfiger jacket ourselves.

I'm not complaining about my house, it's more or less fully functional...but it certainly lacks a bit of aesthetic appeal and feng shui ( 'fungshway' - for simpler totally incorrect translation sake). In saying that, unfortunately my house does not prove very useful when it comes to using it as a shoot location. *Cue cool friends with cool houses trick*.  Enter the lovely Nicole Crampton and her cute as shit apartment. Decked out with her Grandmas old lamps and Persian rugs, places like these excite me as they are way cooler and inspiring to shoot at than my own house (if my house could read this, I'm sorry house).

 After a feed from a local bakery, Nicole and I hit the streets to see what we could stumble across for the third look. And boy did we stumble across something wonderful, blessed by the camera gods (a.k.a completely fluked it), we found an old red cruiser bike with an adorable little basket attached to the front. We questioned if it was really being thrown out as it was in such good condition, never the less we took it from its surrounding rubbish if that was your red bike we are sorry but it's now Nicole's. On that note Nicole pulled up her matching red socks and not so gracefully rolled away into the afternoon sun set to finish the days worth of shooting off!

Big shout out to legends Milly and Wolf Vintage, they have a new website out soon, check it HERE.
Wardrobe - Milly and Wolf Vintage
Model - Nicole Crampton
Photographer - Dougal Gorman