Summer Range 

Jasmine Bakhach, Jordan Atkinson

What was once an old Macadamia Nut factory now acted as the perfect location for our Lee Jeans shoot. This place was weathered as hell, rusty and over grown with shrubs. Although none of this mattered, as this old run down factory still glowed with colourful paints. Looking more like a chocolate factory a small child had constructed from their Lego. Introduce some Lee Jeans and a custom Yamaha Srs500 to the scenario, then we were really cooking with gas.

Mid way through shooting a sketchy lookin’ hill billy couple pulled up beside us in their pick up truck. As they asked ‘do you guys have permission from the owner to be here’ we certainly thought the shoot was over. However, thanks to Jasmine’s quick thinking, big smile and mostly white lies she said we had permission and wouldn’t be any trouble.

The more fun you have on shoots the better;  in saying that, fun pretty much took over the shoot when Jordan got the go ahead to tear some gravel up with his bike. With all this fun nonsense going on, we realised we had missed the prime sunset lighting we originally came for…shit.

In the end it didn’t matter, in fact we realised most things we had planned for the day never really happened anyways… I guess sometimes it’s better to have no plan at all.

Thank you Lee Jeans Australia
Big shout out to the team on the day.

 Female muse – Jasmine Bakach
Male muse + bike- Jordan Atkinson
Film – Jesse Purcell (https://vimeo.com/purcelljesse)
Photography – Dougal Gorman