EPISODE 7 - Rascals of Society


'Ahh actually all those previous answers are wrong, the answer to everything is VB.'

I'd never met these blokes before this interview so before hand I familiarised myself with their wonderful heads on the internet just so to be sure I'd approach the right guys at the Brighton Up Bar. Successfully I did, however after introducing myself to Brae the leader singer of Dear Seattle, he continued on to say 'ah sorry man give me a second I've got to find this person for an interview'. Haha I don't blame him but he thought I was just a groupie frothing out and introducing myself, little were the boys aware I was in fact the interview guy they were looking for...just perhaps not expecting. Heres what they had to say about they're latest tour, beer, Hydralytes, and more beer.

Images shot on Ilford Delta 3200 from Dear Seattle EP Release Tour - Brighton Up Bar.


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 Crocodylus and Pist Idiots support acts of the night.

Firstly hit me with all of your names and nicknames if you have any, plus your positions in the band.

- Yeah ok my name is Brae I’m the singer and guitarist of the band, nicknames I’ve had a few, the main one would be Benny which is a bit ridiculous I’m not going to go into the story behind that one. 

- I’m Lachlan, people call me Simmo and I play guitar.

- Jeremy, I play the base and people call me Jez or Jezza. 

- I’m Josh, I play the drums. I guess I'm the Real McCoy, it’s my alter ego after like 20 beers haha. 

So far you have toured from up from Tassie right? Whats it been like so far being your first serious tour?

Brae: Yeah we did Tassie with Kingswood. That was seperate to this tour, it was a bit disjointed from now, Tassie was a weekend then there was Aubry and Wagga Wagga which was last weekend as a seperate one. But this one now is our actual head liner, its heaps exciting, really keen to see how it goes. I don’t know I like the idea of doing back to back shows, makes it feel more like an actual tour apposed to just playing shows here and there.
Lachlan: It keeps momentum as well I’d say, like keeps the ball rolling playing shows after shows. When their disjointed I kind of feels like you lose speed.

Now that you’ve reached your own stomping ground of Sydney do you feel obliged to step the shows up another notch for a home crowd, on that note is there even any room for them to get more wild?

Brae: I definitely think so, for this show especially being the first show of our headliner and the first time we’ve actually done our own headline tour. So we figured we should probably like give something a little more to people. They’re buying the tickets for us, we can’t just play semi average grunge rock and expect people to be satisfied. So we have a couple things in store to boost it a bit.
Lachlan: Yeah got a foam cannon at the front.
Jeremy: Pyrotechnics
Lachlan: Huge fireworks

Hold up why are you blokes called ‘Dear Seattle’…are you all secretly yanks from Washington?

Brae: Well kind of, I used to live in Seattle as a kid. I lived there for a few years, so it came from that as well as the 90’s grunge is where it originated, like Nivarna and Pearl Jam etc. So it’s a bit of both in that sense.

Being from Sydney where was your favourite place to party before you guys became a band? 

Lachlan: Back when we were a smaller band we played a lot at Hot Dan and Wasted Year a whole bunch. Wasted Year was probably the best place to party.
Jeremy: Q-Bar just across the street over there, used to be fucking hectic.
Lachlan: Yeah all of our mates and other bands as well would be there, we’d just play our sets hell shitty and get fucked up afterwards ahah. 
Brae: Just cause a ruckus really.
Jeremy: It used to be a punk club every Saturday night but now it’s gone down hill a bit.
Brae: Civic Underground was a heaps cool place as well, good venue for electronic music and that kind of thing.


Following on from that, now that you are touring band where is your favourite place to perform? Where pulls the loosest crowd?

Generally speaking we like the kind of smaller rooms I think, it’s a lot more interment with the crowd. You can actually yell out and interact with them. Always get a bit more wild.
Brae: I think in terms of actual venue though, all of our favourite show was probably the one we played at Moonshine. Which was the first one after releasing ‘The Meadows’. We used to go to Moonshine all the time for beers every weekend because we’re all from the Northern Beaches so that was awesome to play there. We’re playing there again on this tour, so it’s going to be sick to see how it is the second time around. 

Understandably theres not much time on tour for anything else but playing gigs, when you guys aren't together as Dear Seattle what else do you guys get up to? Any hidden talents? Or are you’s all joint at the hip?

Brae: Yeah we all do little things on the side, I’m heaps into photography myself and film making. I just filmed something for Simmo’s other band STUMPS, their music video stuff like that. 
Josh: Yeah I’m heaps good at Beyblades, I’ve got a good rig.
Brae: hahah you miss understood ‘rig’ at a very young age Josh.

How was it to win the unearthed NIDA comp, explain that a little.

Soo sick
Jeremy: Amazing, we just filmed something for it.
Brae: Yeah we just did a music video for it last Tuesday. Did the filming for it, it was fucking crazy, soo good.
Josh: It was way more than we expected too.
Jeremy: It blew every expectation out of the water. They put so much effort into the props and shit like that.
Brae: We got to drive this old school white ute it was hectic, had the motor sticking out the top of the bonnet bit
Lachlan: We know a lot about cars if you couldn’t tell… I had to drive it and I was shitting my pants, I drive a fuckin’ Golf Polo the tamest car ever and I was behind the wheel of this beast! Brae: It was the first time I’d even heard of a car being automatic and manual haha I never knew that existed.  
Josh: Yeah it’s for drag racing I think, Simmo was driving and we’re all sitting in the back going ‘don’t kill us please’.

With some shows being back to back each day, what is Dear Seattle’s secret to getting through the gnarly hang overs? Just battle through it until it’s beer o'clock again? 

Brae: Oh man, have two Hydralyte’s before bed that’s the trick! Don’t have it in the morning, mornings won’t do anything. It’s got to be the night before let you body soak it all up.
Do you think that’s just a mental thing to you now though?
haha yeah it’s become a weird placebo addiction
Lachlan: You always forget to do it, but when you do it’s a God send.
Brae: Food before bed to, the greasiest you can get.
Josh: Next morning we always have Barocas or something, we’re always driving long distances so you just stop off at servos for them. 
Jeremy: Yeah the twisty top ones! 
Lachlan: We were actually talking about getting the Hydralyte ice blocks.
Brae: Yeah then we could toss them out to all the crowd. ‘You guys are going to hate yourselves in the morning take these’! haha

Being quite the beer connoisseurs you are. Please finish these sentences appropriately or inappropriately. 

The best beer to sink with breakfast is….. (Brae) - GUINNESS!

The best beer to sink playing cricket is… (Lachlan) - VB surely!

The best beer to sink on a road trip is… (Jeremy) - I’d say Super Dry cos’ it’s easy to drink.

The best beer to sink before a gig is… (Josh) - Ahh actually all those previous answers are wrong, the answer to everything is VB.

The best beer to sink at 3am is…
No craft beers after 3am, something non-offensive.
Jeremy: Anything that is left! 
Brae: Thats a toughy, a nice light beer like Great Northern.
Lachlan: Your already pissed, so you don’t need full strength at that time ahah.

The best beer to sink whilst competing in a ‘Tour De Fridge’ is…
Josh: 25 dollars a case, tastes like shit, but you don’t care.


On the subject of beer and Tour De Fridges, give us a little background info on your latest hit ‘The Meadows’ and the cracking true blue Aussie video clip to go with it. To me it seems all about not worrying about the bullshit life throws at you and simply enjoying the smaller things in life with your mates, am I kinda right? 

Brae: Yeah definitely dude thats exactly it, the whole song really itself is just about getting to that point where your like ‘I’m done with feeling like this, I just want to stop feeling like fucking shit’. And the best way to do it talent for us is to gather all the boys up and sink a heap of piss. So for one we just wanted to have a fukin’ fun day!
Jeremy: We were kind of in a rush to get a video clip out I remember for this song, and we have no money so were like what can we do.
Lachlan: So I borrowed mums cam-corder to film.
Brae: The funniest thing about it though is we just edited it all ourselves, so I woke up the next morning and was probably the most hungover I had ever been in my life. Didn’t the Hydralytes! That’s a more recent discovery haha. So yeah I woke up in the morning and thought ‘I feel like absolute dog shit’ but I had to edit the video. I think their was about 8 hours of footage from the nigh and I shit you not I remember about half of it haha. I was looking at the footage going ‘as if that fucking happened’. 
The end of the night is actually the start of the video we just chopped and changed it like a flash back thing. I remember sitting there and I was trying to act like I was drunk, trying to over sell it a bit but my brother stopped me (who was filming) and went ‘dude your fucking wasted you don’t have to act’ hahah.

I’ve personally competed in a few Tour De Fridges myself, they aren't just fun as hell but brutal as fuck! The more pissed you get the more subjective you are to lose half an elbow or hip to the bitumen resulting in a skin graft or two. Any gnarly stacks or stories from the day?

Surprisingly not too many, even when bill was doing jumps and the bike and shit.
Jeremy: Ah he did pass out for a good 20 minutes after that though. But then just got up and started drinking again.
Lachlan: A mate of ours Todd he rode a scooter the whole way, which is a really commendable effort because it was a pretty far distance. But he was red as a beetroot by the end of it! An 8 dollar scooter from K-Mart
Jeremy: And the wheel broke off two hours into it, he was like ‘fuck this’. 
Josh: He just had a really buff left leg from all the pushing
Lachlan: I think we are all more coordinated when we are drunk!

Brae went on to compare the Tour De Fridge to a game of pool…the more pissed you get the better you become! I’m not sure if that’s entirely true for everyone and if you don’t know what a Tour De Fridge is… it is at this point that you should go watch the Dear Seattle boys latest song ‘The Meadows’ HERE. Interviews are easy when you can relate instantly to who your interviewing, they may be a lot more musically talented than myself however Dear Seattle is just like any other group of Aussie mates who enjoy a laugh whilst sinking tinnies. 

Now take Dear Seattles advice and go buy some Hydralytes you dam alcoholics!

Words/photos by Dougal Gorman