EPISODE 6- Rascals of Society

For episode 6 of Rascals of Society, The Rotten Rascals have teamed up with the 2017 Queensland Music Festival team for an interview Tim Nelson the lead singer of Brisbane’s own Cub Sport. Hear what he ate for breakfast before the interview…but more importantly an insight into Cub Sport’s music and their involvement in the up coming 16 Lovers Lane event this July the 14th.


Hey man thanks for giving us a call, how’s thing’s?
I’m well thank you, not too much we are playing in Adelaide tonight with Big Scary so we’re just about to leave for the airpot.

Epic thanks for taking the time to speak to us then!
No worries my pleasure man.

Firstly tell us your name Name and nickname (s):
Ok well my name is Tim, sometimes known as Timbo.

What did you have for breakfast before this interview?
Umm I had some toast with Mighty Mite on it.

Mighty Mite hey? Compared to Vegemite?
Yeah well Sam’s a celiac so we have to have the gluten free version haha, but it’s pretty delicious.

I might have to try it out, it sounds way more mightier than Vegemite.

Why are you involved in Queensland Music Festival’s 16 Lovers Lane event? / What drew you to be part of the event?
Well I got asked by John Wilsteed who’s a member of The Go-Betweens and played on that album and everything. So there was no hesitation I taking up the opportunity. It’s such an honour to be invited to perform such a beautiful album with original members of the band.

What do you love most about The Go-Betweens’ famous album, which the event pays tribute to?
My favourite thing about the album as a whole, I’d say are the lyrics..I mean there’s so many good attributes but the lyrics really just transport you to another place. I guess having to learn the songs well over a period leading up to it I really delved a bit more into the lyrics. I think they are just really descriptive but not in a very obvious way, something like that… I don’t really know how to explain it haha.

Have Zoe Davis and yourself rehearsed for 16 Lovers Lane the same way as usual, or differently for your performance at 16 Lovers Lane?
We actually haven’t practiced together at all yet, but we’ll have a couple of full day rehearsals in the lead up to it all. So yeah I think everyone is just kind of doing their thing on their own, and then we’ll get together and hopefully it all just comes together nicely on the day! 

You guys have been touring with Big Scary, how’s that going?
Yeah its been awesome, Big Scary have been one of our favourite bands for years so its pretty amazing to be on tour with them now. Watching their sets each night is awesome, they’ve go this incredible light show happening on this tour. We’ve been road testing a bunch of songs off our next album which have all been going well which is super exciting. 

It must be pretty inspiring to finish your set and then to just chill out and watch a band that you look up to. Realising ‘this is what it’s going to be like one day’ sort of thing?
Yeah it’s crazy.

Tell us a little bit about the new single ‘O Lord’ ( it’s got a rad gospel, more somber mood to it compared to some of your previous more up beat songs I thought. Why the change of pace?
I guess when I was writing and recording most of our new album because there wasn’t really any times pressure or (any little pressures for that matter), I was just writing to how I was feeling. I think yeah I kind of got better at translating the way I was feeling into music and working the songs until I knew they felt right to me. I think that probably resulted in a different sound again, but yeah I am super excited to have it out! We’ve never exactly been rushed in the writing process before but I think this time I have managed to get more in touch with what I am trying to achieve this time which is cool.

Is it true you guys had some legal issues with your original name of ‘Cub Scouts’ with the Scouts Australia people?
Yeah we got a letter asking us to stop using the word ‘scouts’ in our name, which was super annoying at the time. But yeah we are very glad that it happened now, I feel like Cub Sport really suites what we’re doing a lot more than Scouts now.

That’s pretty funny, why was the name originally decided that?
We had a list of hundreds of words that we were testing out, we would just say  ‘cub’ and then see what happened after that. I think ‘sport’ worked best because of the ’S’ at the start and the ’T’ at the end. It was a more seamless changed I guess than something that sounded completely different.

What was it like to see the huge amount of love you guys got after the release of your debut album ‘This is our Vice’? It must be a crazy feeling finally seeing your hard work pay off?
Yeah it was super crazy, it was a bit of a slow burn which I think suited us well because it kind of gave us the time to be developing as it was connecting with people. Then we realised the first single off our album ‘Come on mess me up” seemed to strike a cord with a lot of people. We never really had a song connect with people like that before so it was super exciting, and then for it to come in on The Hottest 100 was mind blowing.

Were you guys listening to The Hottest 100 on the day not really expecting it to pop up?
Well it came through on the warmest 100 like the social media predictions before hand. I was scrolling through that because I had been tagged in it by a bunch of people so I was like ‘oh maybe we can make it in’. I remember scrolling past number 50 and I hadn’t seen us yet, so was like ‘ok well we’re probably not going to be in it’…only to realise we were predicted for around the 20’s. On the day we were sort of hopefully the predictions wouldn’t be that far off but yeah when it came on we were so happy. We had like a little party going on in the house, everyone was pretty emotional.

If we delved into your iTunes library right now what would be the top played song of all time on there?
I think my most listened to artist on Spotify last year was Frank Ocean and I haven’t really slowed down from him. I’d say yeah anything off Frank Oceans album ‘Blonde’, I still can’t get over it.

You guys covered the man himself Kayne West’s Ultra Light Beam (and killed it by the way) for Triple J’s Like A Version, why did you choose that to cover? Would you say RnB/Hip Hop have an influence on the music you are writing?
Yeah I feel like that’s kind of the style of music that I enjoy listening to the most. So I’d say while I was writing this album over the couple years I’ve definitely allowed myself to get into that style a bit more. It’s my favour genre to sing in as well, I feel like may voice kind of suites better in that world than in an up beat indie pop style. It’s been really fun allowing myself to delve more into those influences. I think that’s why we chose Ultra Light Beam for our Like A Version, it was one of our favourite songs and we wanted to stretch our selves as well, it really pushed us all to our limits but we practiced it heaps and it was heaps of fun getting to do that.

If you could describe Cub Sport as a whole at this very moment in three words, what would they be?
Oh god I don’t know let me ask Sam ahah


Haha what a trio! Alright man I’ll leave you to it, I won’t keep you any longer it’s been great talking to you. I appreciate you taking the time to tell us a little bit about yourself and chatting about The Queensland Music Festival’s 16 Lovers Lane event. Good luck with the rest of your tour with Big Scary!

Cheers for the interview opportunity Queensland Music Festival, big shout out to Jack.
All the event details for the Queensland Music Festival including the 16 Lovers Lane event can be found HERE.

(title image credit – Sean Pyke)



Words by Dougal Gorman