EPISODE 4 - Rascals of Society

‘Actually I’d rather meet the old Kanye, not sure what’s going on with that guy these days’

According to ye old faithful Urban Dictionary a sneaker head is ‘A person who collects limited, rare, OG, or flat out exclusive kicks. Usually the collection consists of Jordans or Dunks’. They’ve got it all wrong… it should simply quote ‘Ethan Kostromin is the definition’. Most dudes own a maximum of 3 shitty skates shoes, Ethan owns 50-60 pairs of bad ass shoes ranging from the Yeezy Collection through to his serious love of Air Jordan’s (and everything else between). This isn’t even the most impressive part about this bloke, Ethan Kostromin is the founder and designer of ‘Six Stitches’ an up and coming Streetwear/design label based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Check out what he had to say on both topics!

Name + Nickname (s):
Ethan Kostromin, E.

Hit us with the story behind Six Stitches and how it started.
The name came from my mate Dan who copped a fin to the head whilst surfing and had to get ‘six stitches’ that day. Not sure how it came to be a clothes brand really…I always had a little passion for clothing and the name just kinda fell into place. It started when I was at school but it wasn’t anything then just a random idea. 2009 was the idea year when Dan sliced his head open then T’shirts slowly started coming along.

What do you wish to achieve with SS, whats the big dream?
Right now I’m not too sure, I don’t want to rush anything and just learn as I go. I’m still figuring out the general feel for Six Stitches, mainly focusing on quality clothing that lasts. I just enjoy seeing people wearing what I’ve designed, its crazy. I don’t know if I want Six Stitches to become a massive label or just keep it more underground/boutique kinda. I suppose the bigger it gets the more money I make but I’d rather keep it independent and original.

Where do you source your inspiration from or is all just your own ideas? Describe your style.
Hmm thats an interesting one. Growing up in Aukland City influenced my style ideas for sure, it’s a really fashion orientated place, a lot of inspiration floating around there. The old school hip hop scene and 90’s New York fashion is also pretty influential. Six Stiches style would be a mixture of urban streetwear and contemporary menswear. It’s not a grungy brand like Thrasher nor a posh Polo vibe, I’m trying to find that balance!

With the street wear industry forever growing it must be hard to keep things interesting, what’s the key you recon?
I still don’t have a clue ha, at this moment in time mens fashion is growing rapidly, to keep it original is tricky. You have to keep up with trends but not get carried away and keep your own individuality. I like to throw my own twist on things and constantly try and stay one step ahead of the game. Over the last three years Six stitches has developed into more of a street wear brand from its original surfy coastal feel.

Anyways what’s Ethan Kostromins playlist consist of lately?
Thats a tough one it’s always changing around. Tom Scott from Home Brew, J.Coles new album is epic, Big L on heavy repeat, Nas’s ‘illmatic’ album, any old school hip hop.

Lets talk sneakers, firstly how many pairs do you own?
Around 50-60 pairs, fluctuating daily haha. Its’ a constant rotation of selling and buying.

SS (4 of 29).jpg

When did collecting shoes actually become a thing?
I’d say towards the end of 2013 it started with a pair of air max 1’s I think. I always had a thing for Air Max’s, I just never forked out the money for them until one day I finally did… and it just got worse form there ha. 

Whats your go to and favourite pair?
Jordan 1’s, Chicago. Actually any Jordan 1’s, Jordan 1 fever!

One beer, one place, and one person to have chin wag with?
Heinekens, umm probably Manhattan, somewhere in New York City. Maybe Kayne? It’d be interesting to pick his brains. I have no idea really, lets take a rain check on that question…..

*rain check* Actually I’d rather meet the old Kanye, not sure whats going on with that guy these days.

Your pretty handy behind a lens, what fills your camera roll these days?
Sneakers, clothing and people. I love taking photos of people especially whilst travelling.

Don’t think I can choose between the two hey. Nike definitely for its history, but right now Adidas for their innovation. Adidas is killing it at the moment but Nike is simply timeless. A year ago or two it was all Nike Nike Nike but out of no where Adidas is changing the sneaker game.

Ethan’s determination and passion towards Six Stitches is clearly evident in the final product, it’s clean cut, aesthetically pleasing and suited for anyone. Ethan mightn’t yet know himself where Six Stitches is going, but my prediction is the brand can only continue onwards and upwards from here. For his shoe collection, well…with recognition from big establishments like Highsnobiety and Hypebeast, it certainly ain’t slowing down any time soon. At this rate he’ll be needing a bigger transforming shoe-garage bed (that thing is seriously impressive).


Words by Dougal Gorman