EPISODE 3 - Rascals of Society 

‘We’re everyone’s local coffee dojo’

Let’s kick things off by simply saying, the boys at Bean There Done That (BTDT) make a serious coffee. Walking into BTDT you instantly feel the good vibes hit you. It’s individuality really sets it apart from other cafes. Families sit around tables playing Uno, local artwork coats the walls and pre loved furniture fills the floor, everyone leaves with a smile on their face. Muesli bowls, farmhouse pies, chocolate brownies, protein balls, you name it they got it and even better it’s all home made. The quality banter and customer service is just the cherry on top.

Here’s what the good lookin’ roosters Zac Carew and Dale Bayliss had to say on the day.

Who’s on the team today? Name and nickname:
Z: Zac Carew – Zephr
D: Dane Bayliss – no nick name hey, its just Dane ha

So where did the idea of bean there done that come from?
It was a collective idea really and we wanted to have an espresso bar that was different to the others that were all clinical all boutique roasting and didn’t change much. So we had the idea of using a lot of play on words, so our name was the starting point plus our chalk board signs soon followed. Then we had the idea to sell everything you could touch in the store, like all our furniture etc. Ideas just grew and grew really, our logo is a meant to be a passport stamp representing all the places you have been in your passport, so we had it set like that…. I have ‘bean there done that’ kinda thing!

Whats the secret (if you can tell us) to a good coffee
Consistent love, thats all you need, that simple.

When was the moment you knew making coffee for people was your thing?

Z: It would of been when I starting working at Donut King, I was on the machine the majority of the time compared to my last job.  Thats where I really started to develop more of a love for making coffee for others.
D: It’s almost like coffee making found me, I was always making coffee  but then i discovered latte art and it turned it into more of passion rather than a hobby …. And it gets you chicks.

What coffee beans you running?
‘BTDT seasonal harvest’…. its pretty secret.

What is your favourite coffee to drink + make, and what is the most ridiculous order you’ve been asked to make?

Z: Its very seasonal really haha, i’d say a doppio mainly. To make – anything in a mug really with full cream milk so I can do latte art.
D: Make – Double risstretto latte. To drink- doppio again.
Joint: Here at BTDT we’ve got a regular that orders a …. Double ristretto decafe cappuccino half almond milk half coconut milk … we call it the ‘fuck around’.

BTDT has such a great sense of community, explain the importance of local support.
Business wise we aren’t in a prime spot, we don’t have ocean views or foot traffic like Noosa has so we have to rely on personability and good product to continually raise the bar and gain support from the local community. We like to use as much local produce for our menu as we can, way better.

What makes this place run?
Banter and speed.
What the shop looks like is really individual. We make sure its the same faces working, so the customers get to know us a bit more personally. We know our locals customers, we’re everyones local coffee dojo ahah, we like people to leave feeling good. We see people pull up out front, and before they are in the door we’ve got their regular order ready.

You guys are pretty well known for your ‘speciality chalk board signs’, whats your favourite one so far?

Z: Coffee, tea and cocaine – we’ve got two of the three come find out which ones.
D: Confessions of a barista, I’m the person your partner is having an affair with.

If you could have coffee tomorrow morning with anyone in the world..who would it be and where?
Z: Dynamo the magician after a big night on the piss at Single O in Surry Hills Sydney
D: Kelly slater would be pretty sick, here some cool stories, I bet he drinks almond milk though…loser. Ah probably.. a place called Sensory Lab in Japan it’s a sick little cafe.

Favourite playlist to have on in the shop?

Z: The Kings of Leon Station, it depends really. Franky Sinatra and all that, blues, jazz all the old shit is the best.
D: The Black Keys, anything old school blues and jazz.

Thoughts on Donald Trump?

Z: He’s crazy in a good way. I think he’s and idiot… but a fuckin’ smart idiot.
D: Politically incorrect and I love it.

 It’s safe to say Bean There Done That is an epic cafe, the boys have got it down pact. With a shop in both Pacific Paradise and Pelican Waters  on the Sunshine Coast, theres no signs of slowing down, their final product is unreal for the price it sells at. BTDT has such a great sense of community spirit, it’s more than just a cafe its like a mini family of coffee lovers looking for a good time. 
So next time when you thinking ‘shit I just want a good coffee for once’, do yourself  a flavour and hit up Bean There Done That!

Thanks for the day lads.



Words/Photos by Dougal Gorman