EPISODE 2 - Rascals of Society

‘No hipster shit though, I just dig it’.

 With a Bachelor of Film and Television, Jesse Purcell already has some serious accomplishments to his name, interviewing the likes of The D.O.C and working with Stone and Wood just to name a few. Jesse is a Sunshine Coast based content creator who lets his photography and short films speak for themselves. With a large passion for 35mm film, Jesse’s eye for photography exceeds many other film photographers.  His short films ‘Keep It Simple’ may only go for 30 seconds, but that’s all it takes for you to feel a sense of calm and slightly smile to yourself, that takes talent.

Check out what he had to say to us!

When was the first time you started shooting 35mm film?
My grandfather was cleaning out the shed and was trying to trash a bunch of old cameras. They looked cool so I took them off his hands along with and old roll of film. I think that roll took me something ridiculous like 3 months to shoot. I got it developed and was like damn this looks way better than I expected. Slowly just started shooting more and more

What is it about 35mm compared to shooting digital that gets you?
Man the argument for this question is huge, I ask myself why I spend so much money on film all the time and should just take up digital. To be honest,  I just love the way it makes you shoot photographs you actually care about rather than just fire away. Plus its a laugh when people wig out when you shoot important things on film like its such a risk. No hipster shit though, I just dig it.

What camera set up do you run?
I run a Canon 1V SLR with a bunch of whack old lenses and my newly added 24-70 2.8. The thing is a beast. Can chew through a roll of 35mm faster than a 5Dmark III can capture 36 photographs haha.


 Where do you get your inspiration from for your videos?
I guess just from everything I watch, but there is no one person I follow 100%. Usually if I get an idea I see whats been done and try do to something different. When I interviewed The D.O.C everyone was frothing on all the people he’d met in relation to N.W.A rather than how fucking crazy and talented he is to do what he did. I just try follow that approach.

Get amongst the mosh pit or sit up the back at a festival?
I guess any spot thats rid of phones blocking the show haha

which ones colder?


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Jesse has had a camera in his hand since his grommet days and doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon, watch this space folks, seriously. For more work and contact details check his site!


Words by Dougal Gorman