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Little Sister 

Rascals of Society - Episode 10

 'We do love VB though…VB is our favourite beer of all time'.

With the silly season well and truely underway, you’re either reading this hungover and or you won’t see this article til’ around March when Summer is  over and you’ve had your liver transplanted. If you’re from the Noosa area on the Sunshine Coast, you more than likely have Little Sister to thank for some regrettable decisions and ripper memories. Over the past six months Matt, Justin and Luke with the help of their family have been putting in the hard yards to turn Little Sister into a bar where family is far more than just a last name. The bar has literally become many Noosa local’s adopted ‘little sister’. Although this little sister is a bit different to the usual. With a constant epic supply of local beers, cocktails suited for any occasion and just the right selection of super delicious food to suit your choice of drink, Little Sister could be the best sister you’ve never had.


Fortunately for your wallet, the Little Sister crew are having some serious well deserved days off over Chrissy and New Year period (see the end of article for dates). If you can’t make it in soon, don’t fret, go grab yourself a beer and some left over Chrissy lunch and see what the trio of brothers had to say about Little Sister below! 

Firstly hit us with the names/nickname (s) of each of the brothers: 
Matt, Justin and Luke! 

Before we get too pissed I’ll ask you some more serious questions. How did the idea of Little Sister come about? Has it always been something you three brothers have wanted to do? 
MATT: No it hasn't always been something we have wanted to do, it kind of came about from Dad wanting to stay on the Coast a bit more and not fly over to the oil rigs all the time. So this idea came up and we all rallied together a little bit, and after a couple of drunken nights we decided fuck it let’s do it. 

On that note…why is it called Little Sister? Or for that matter who is Little Sister?
MATT:  The name little sister actually came about from Mum, because we were trying to think what we could call it and we were thinking about names like ‘Girl Next Door’ shit like that, nothing could really stick though and then Mum was like why don’t you just call it the little sister because she always wanted a daughter so this place ending up being our little daughter kind of thing. Chicks love that story haha.

What’s it like working with your brothers? I’m sure theres some typical brotherly disagreements that pop up here and there.
JUSTIN: Oh shit well we fight more than we’ve ever fought before, you could say I know how to push the boys buttons more than anyone, I’m a bit of a shit stirrer but at the end of the day we all go to bed that night after a couple of cold beers and it’s just like nothing happened the next day. 

How important is it for an area like Noosa to have something like Little Sister? It’s really becoming a local watering hole for many of us, it must be sick to see familiar faces walk in each arvo supporting the place. 
JUSTIN: I just feel like there needs to be a place away from Hasting Street where young people can come hang out and be themselves. We don’t have (or need) security because there’s no staunchy people here causing trouble. Everyones just here for a good time. You can walk into the bar a get a high five of literally anyone because you know everyone. It’s just a good local vibe for everyone!

You guys have a sick variety of beers in the fridge, many of them being brewed here in Australia. How is it networking with the micro breweries?
LUKE:  Its something we try and do a lot because we all grew up here for a long time and we all like drinking local craft beers. With all the new breweries opening up in Noosa at the moment we’re just trying to get on board with everyone, we help them out they help us out. It’s just sick because we all know each other because we’re from the same town. We do love VB though…VB is our favourite beer of all time.

Aside from beers and cocktails you run a tidy little food menu too. Who’s the master chef behind the joint? And whats the best food and drink combo? 
LUKE: Me personally..I wrote the food menu coming into here, whereas Justin and Matt wrote the cocktail and drink menu which is pretty sweet that we’ve all chipped in. I’d probably say the Tropic Thunder and the Jalapeño Poppers is a really good combo, a lot of people get it as a nice afternoon combo. I’ll cut it there and say there’s a new menu out soon so stay tuned people!

Little Sisters Instagram videos clearly prove you blokes love a good beer sculling (or any alcohol for that matter) to start off the weekend. Who's got the strongest scull game out of the brothers? 
MATT: Definitely not me hey haha, I’ve probably got the weakest but I’m looking at Justin right now…still weak as piss but a lot better than me and Lukey. We just like to give it a go but it doesn't always up well. 

Preferred beer to scull? 

Preferred spirit to shot?  
LUKE: Have to be Fireball hey. You cannot beat go wrong with a cold cinnamony spicy Fireball. We have a Fireball machine behind the bar, so it’s too easy you just pull the lever and cold Fireball flows out.

Who’s the loosest local to grace Little Sister each week?  
MATT: I think we’ve got a tie here…it’s either my boy Ez or or Sprucey. Justin I think gets a special mention as well. 

What’s you idea of an ideal afternoon at Little Sister?
JUSTIN: The perfect afternoon would be me and Luke we cook dinner for each other and wait for the boys to roll in. No matter what day it is, things always escalate, there’s always someone out there ready to get a little bit sideways during the week. 

Finally if you were to sum up little sister in 3 words what would they be? 
LUKE: Local, relaxed and good times…that’s kinda four words but oh well! 

Despite the uncountable amount of beers and burgers thrown back over the past six months of business, the alcohol and food is only half the reason why Little Sister is one of the best bars in Noosa. The Curtis family really care about their business and it reflects in the smiles on everyone's face throughout each night. You know a bar is always good when you can go their by yourself or for the first time and be treated just like anyone else. Anyways, you and I both know your evening will more than likely begin to spiral out of control with poor financial decisions, fuelled by copious amount of tinnies. So before you start slowly loosing your memory, roll on into Little Sister between 4pm and 12 midnight to start the antics up early. Little Sister is someone you want apart of your family.

(closed 26th, 31st Dec, 1st, 2nd Jan) 


Words/photos by Dougal Gorman


- The Rotten Rascals x