EPISODE 1 - Rascals of Society 

‘I enjoyed seeing people lose their shit over something I didn’t really think much of and that wasn’t a huge deal for me’

What a way to kick things off!  Jordi Creighton is pretty much the definition of a rascal and it’s only our first interview. If he’s not scaling unnecessarily high towers or sneaking onto rooftops he’s taking photos whilst doing it! Aside from taking photos of him and his mate scaling ridiculous heights, he takes epic photos in general and whips up sick little video clips full of mischief.
Check out what he had to say to us!

Name + Nickname (s):
Jordi Creighton

First things first, why the f**k do you climb cranes and buildings? Explain the feeling.
Hahaha I started climbing stuff in about grade 10 after a mate showed me a video of some boys doing it in Melbourne. I frothed so hard and was scouting out every building on the coast that would be rad for photos. Sooner or later that rush of trying to get into those sort of no go areas started to get addictive, and I enjoyed seeing people lose their shit over something I didn’t really think much of and that wasn’t a huge deal for me. The majority of buildings on the coast aren’t that high so me and a close mate who I shoot with every now and then started putting our attention to telephone towers and cranes, stuff that people wouldn’t normally see photos from the top of. You can’t beat the fun and adrenaline of being that close to danger, it’s like you’re completely in charge of your life at that moment which I think is pretty cool, plus it’s an opportunity to get amazing photographs.

What was the first photo you took and though ‘shit that’s actually alright’ ?
That would have to be this flick I took at a local Cane field on sundown, somehow ended up with this sick purple looking sky with my mate’s silhouettes in front of it. I never really edited the photo because of how mad it looked raw. But yeah after that I started to just experiment and create heaps of different photographs and videos.

What camera set up do you run?
Canon 7d with a bunch of random lenses I own/borrow off mates, depends what I’m shooting.

Where do you want to take photos of most?
Not too sure hey, I’m still experimenting with everything. There’s no doubt the environment and out doors stuff is my thing and I love the adventure that comes with it but I think it’s also important to be able to shoot everything else well too, there’s a lot involved and always something new to try and learn. America was an amazing experience and it opened up a whole new world of photography for me, so hopefully I’ll shoot there again sometime soon.

Most used phone app?
Would have to be Instagram.

If you were to get drunk with 3 famous people, who would it be?
Such a good question. I think it would have to be; Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Michael Cera. For obvious reasons.

Speaking of getting drunk, whats your choice of poison?
Can’t beat Canadian Club.

Jordi Creighton – Instagram
Climbing photos credit to – Jordan Atkinson – Instagram

Words by Dougal Gorman