Plans for shoots can change very last minute to adapt to the curveballs life throws at you. Although the curveball for this shoot worked in our favour, in fact the curveball got hit out of the park. 

Only Google’ing this location 10 minutes before arriving, we didn’t know what to expect. And honestly we couldn’t have fluked it more. To our serious surprise, there lay a secluded beach full of row boats surrounding a magnificent old sail boat that read Sama up it’s side. Of course we jumped on the opportunity to shoot with it. Not far into shooting, an elderly man (presumably the owner of the boat) appeared. As a photographer I immediately assumed we would be told off to taking photos on it. Although I was wrong, he simply said g’day and jokingly (I think) offered if I wanted to buy the boat. Conversation started to flow, the owner of Sama went by the name of Craig Munro and was in fact a fellow Queenslander like myself..small world. Craig politely asked for a few photos of his boat to be emailed to him, of course I didn’t hesitate as well as asking permission for his portrait with his beloved sail boat.

‘With a 60-year racing pedigree, Sama is a fast 9-metre ‘raised deck’ Dragon and an absolute delight to sail. Sama was built at Port Cygnet, Tasmania in 1950 for Stan Jones of the IXL jam company. Her second owner brought her to Sydney to race in partnership with the legendary John ‘Jumbo’ Goddard (1907–84), a Sydney-to-Hobart yachtsman and vintage car enthusiast. At the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, Sama won no fewer than thirty Wednesday Races on Jumbo’s beloved Pittwater. Marine engineer Ron Parker fitted a Yanmar YSM8 diesel motor, stainless steel fuel tank and a bronze folding propeller. As Sama’s owner for three decades, Ron raced her with great success at Gosford until 2012. Since then, Sama has been Sydney Harbour-based, and is currently moored at Greenwich Baths.’ – Craig Munro

Ps. – We certainly didn’t think it was going to be as cold as it big shout out to Camellia for being way tougher than myself and battling the cold in a bikini without complaining.

Ps. Ps. – For anyone reading this that has a spare $24,000 you are more than welcome to contact Craig to purchase Sama. Happy sailing folks.