Originating from the Sunshine Coast, you'll now find THE ROTTEN RASCALS lurking around the land of the Coat Hanger - Sydney.

On top of creating our own original content, THE ROTTEN RASCALS looks to work and collaborate with other creative like-minded people, labels, models, magazines and so forth. Working with digital and film photography; THE ROTTEN RASCALS aims to inspire a sense of freedom, mischief, and youth through what we do. With our creative mindset, it is in our best interest to bring as many new and unique ideas to the table with those we work with. 

With the ever growing amount of talent amongst the creative industry, it is hard to become recognised for the skills you have. Understanding this, THE ROTTEN RASCALS mission is to discover talent and place them in the spotlight by exposing ones creative work through a series of interviews called 'Rascals of Society'. Don't get too bummed on your own talents (or lack of)...these people are just a step above the rest.

With more ideas than brains we are THE ROTTEN RASCALS.